Financial system and accounting service
First project was special financial system, unfortunately further details I cannot disclose. However, after more than successful creation this service I became a Lead UX.

Second task was to create a cloud service for massive accounting. Service provides 7 basic roles, more than 200 features and over 40 types of documents. Structure consists of 8 sections and 40 subsections. In this project I've been a Lead UX Designer and have been a part of Product Owner team. Our team have successfully rebuilt the service.
Artem Komarov (BA, UX)
Mikchail (Senior BA)
6 months
Deep understanding of financial and banking process allow us to create unique service.
Financial service
User Efficency
Our users meet their goals 2 times faster than with old software.
Fewer User Mistaces
NoUI idea helped us to guide users through process and to create hidden constrains.
User-friendly and eyasy to use service rudiced finansial risks.
Clipper (Accountig service)
Accountg for outsource accounting orgsnisation.


I'm ready to talk about it. :)
Update will be ready at the end of March '16
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