State examination center
Financial service and accounting service
Every year in St. Petersburg built or repaired more than 2,500 objects and each object of capital construction required project documentation, agreed by the Center of the State examination of project documentation. On average, the documentation on one object is from 100 to 700 sheets, each of which must be checked for compliance with building code. This involved the designers of the highest caliber - experts, who analyse documentation. Our goal was to create information system supporting and optimisyng validation process.

I have been created entirely process of removing comments and reception system design documentation.
In the process, created more than 300 prototypes, 10 charts, as well as excellent tools for end users.
Artem Komarov (UX)
Anton Grigoriev (Lead UX)
Create web-based information system supporting main process of state examination centre.
9 months
1 250 000 sheets of construction documentaion a year!
Основной бизнес процесс, который нужно было оптимизировать.


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