BORK Toaster Android application
BORK toaster mobile application
Simple, usable and effective
It's a brand not a customer.
This application is part of test.
Artem Komarov (BA, UX, Design a bit)
Imagine a toaster mobile application. A create a prototype for it.
2 weeks (nights mostly)
Understanding potential needs is key to create something that even not exist.
The sequence of actions

Research of customer problems
Competitor analysis
Toaster usage analysis
Functional analysis

Because I was given the limited time, for the analysis of user problems I decided to explore the reviews of toasters online at and checked how things are going on Quora.
review research

Based on 300 reviews read, you could identify the following trends:

***** - perfect toaster, everything works fine
* - disgusting toaster broke 2 times a week after purchase.

Functionally specific differences are not observed, it all comes down to the modes of roasting, defrosting, heating, roasting is optional on the one hand. Revealed the following common disadvantages: it is not clear the remaining time before the end of cooking, dissatisfaction with the sound volume. Some of the default settings do not suit users, such as a group of people do not like the presence of the automatic heating after roasting, the other group did not like the lack of this feature.
review research

There toasters split into two large groups:
toasters lower price range - at least functional, there may be problems related to quality, such as the smell of plastic and the like.

Toasters middle and higher price range - marked functionality similar, the differences are mostly in the field of design.

Subjective things, such as over-drying and improving the taste, it is difficult to estimate, so they are out of the equation of my analysis.
This study shows that in general the functionality of toasters more than the similar and more common problems unites the majority of toasters. The common problems is the indication of the remaining time and alarm the process is complete, in addition to many lacks heating settings after roasting. It is also worth noting that due to the similarity of the functionalities radical advantages of any groups toasters were found.
Competitor analysis
Applications for toasters weren't found in markets.
Related application Ready4Sky but there is nothing to toasters.
Toaster usage analysis
Pretty simple usage but if toast needed you need to touch toast machine.
Some of them were functional some branding
Creating a mobile application for the Android system for toaster BORK T800

This toaster was chosen because that is in the upper price range and in theory is a good candidate for a mobile application. The assumption, which I will use: it has a BT module and it can properly interact with it.

Deferred start-ups and schedules are not possible because that the bakery product loses consumer properties for a few hours outside of the packaging or storage.
With this in mind, it should focus on the following:
Comfortable connect the phone to a toaster
Convenient and user friendly operating modes
Displays the remaining time of use functions
Notice of end of cooking

Also need the partitions that is the main process, improve the customer experience: Recipes

At this point it is already possible fix requirements for a particular purpose. It should be noted that not all of the ideas and thoughts are reflected in both the prototype and the document, since it is still simulation problem, some of these considerations will be marked in the appropriate places.
Interactive prototype*
* -only on desktop
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