Artem Komarov
UX Deisgner
More than 6 years in the design of interfaces of complex enterprise systems and e commerce projects.
All my interfaces are working towards increasing KPI, which depends on the objective. The total increase in revenue of e commerce projects is more than $ 2 000 000. My solutions are based primarily on data analysis and best practices.
I've had a successful experience of creating and managing a group focused on user experience and interface design.
Work experience
Senior UX Designer
at TaskData
Responsible for trend analysis, I helped devise brand strategies, to improve customer engagement which resulted in more customer enquiries. This in turn led to a 20% increase in revenue.
CEO at AllBoxx
This project was created by me from scratch. Since the choice of business model analysis of the market and competitors, and many other things. The same concept was created by the service from which remained Landing. So was coined brand style and packaging, and several presentations. I would also like to note that the study of the project and the progress it made it possible to draw a small initial investment, but with the onset of the crisis, which is particularly hard hit by retail, the project had to be closed due to the fact that the business model could not be adapted to the new conditions.
Lead UX designer
at Northyard
Our task was to make a cloud service for mass boo. accounting. The service is 7 basic roles, more than 200 features and over 40 types of documents. The structure consists of 8 sections and 40 subsections.
The goal - is the maximum optimization of the process of working with reporting, for faster processing and reducing human error.
As a result, for the three months was established concept that will bring chaos into order and create a clear, though not without flaws, the system. Was also prepared the next step, which would allow to visually improve the system and eliminate some aspects.
As a result, for the half-year was able to create a working product interactions with clear, simple and stereotyped interface, allowing for about 80% of transactions already in our system. Also left space for the development of more years to 2.
Also managed to increase the knowledge of colleagues in the field of UX and improve the training requirements produktu.Byl developed and implemented a process of designing interfaces and system as a whole. In organizing the work between a group of business analysts, a group of designers and development team.
Senior UX Designer
at Northyard
Development of advanced financial accounting system mass. 2 full-screen applications with a large number of states and interactions.
Creating interfaces for intensive and continuous operation. Maximum automation and acceleration of interaction c system.
Creating documentation for developers.
Accompaniment during the development, testing and acceptance.
The introduction of product and user training.
Working with feedback, bug fixes, and the introduction of new features.
Analysis of the data before and after the introduction showed that the productivity and quality of the staff, greatly increased furthermore solved the problem with the high input threshold.
Senior UX Designer
at Delovie Linii
Specialising in sports and technology, I wrote a number of pieces commissioned by publishing houses and industry magazines. Some of these can be found online.
UX Designer
at WebMaster Ltd
Every year in St. Petersburg built or repaired more than 2,500 objects, each object of capital construction required project documentation, agreed by the Center of the State examination of project documentation. On average, the documentation on one object is from 100 to 700 sheets, each of which must be checked for compliance with regulations and to each other. This involved the designers of the highest caliber - experts, well, our task was to create a system that will be able to translate their work into an electronic format.
In the process, documentation, experts write comments that reflect errors in the design documentation. In St. Petersburg during the examination provided for removal of these observations, in order to obtain a positive conclusion. In the process of removing the remarks the applicant corrects the documentation, and then again to give it the appropriate expert, and if adjustments were true, the remark was withdrawn. With the help of the information system include the possibility of remote acquisition and removal of comments that would speed up the process and increase the number of positive opinions.
In this project, I acted as a designer of user interaction. Together with my colleague, we solved the problem of optimizing business processes and create new processes, provides all the interfaces. Iteration of the iteration, we make the process easier and clearer interfaces. I have been created entirely of removing comments and reception system design documentation.
In the process, created more than 300 prototypes, 10 charts, as well as excellent tools for end users.
Project Manager
As a PM a created some sites and services but after that I understand that I love to analyze systems, prototyping them so I prefer to go to UX design way.
at Avatech
Starting web-design studio with two partners were fun and hard. I was responsible for design and development. This was great experience because I was 100% responsive for creation process, this helps me to grow rapidly fast as a specialist. My first list of things I was responsible :

Preparation of technical specifications
Monitoring of product development
Working with the necessary documentation
Conduct of negotiations
resource planning
Structure, working with concepts and ideological part of the project
Designing interfaces and schemes of work
Design of systems and business processes
resource allocation
Design of internal services
Creation and adjustment of production processes in the company
Professional skills
— Prototyping
— User Expirience Design
— Business analysis
— Axure
— Web Analytics
— User Interface design
designer at DUOYULONG
Maxim Vetrov
We worked with Artem just a couple of months, but it was enough time to
understand what he have very good skills in UX design and prototyping. Also as a manger he clearly describe tasks.
Working with him was a great experience
iOS Lead at MailBurn
Kirill Kunst
I worked briefly with Artem, but I remember the high level of his professionalism. As a project manager at Create, he stayed tuned in all projects and he was an impossible to replace person in our work. He always decompose every task in projects and contols them on every stage of development. I have really enjoyed working with him.
php, java-developer
Daniil Kuzin
During his time Artem has proved an excellent specialists in the design of interfaces, perfectly interacting with programmers and customers.
CEO at Pugofka
Vitaly Yushkevich
Artem is detail-oreinted designer. He is perfectionist in work. For many problems Artem offered their solutions by thinking in advance about the possible development of the system.
I'd like work with him at one team.
Head of the department of automated communications
Tatyana Khryashcheva
Artem was my senior mentor for a long time. During this time he proved himself as a highly qualified professional who is not just to do their job, and can accurately and clearly communicate their knowledge of the younger colleagues. High domain knowledge, good theoretical and practical skills, originality of thought and originality of the approach to solving problems - it's characterized it as a specialist high level.
UI/UX Designer
Konstantin Dmitriev
Artem is incredible UX-designer and exceptional professional. He knows everything about UX & UI, and is willing to share his knowledge. I highly recommend him.
Entrepreneur, geek, startup muse
Jane Smorodnikova
Artem is design and user experience focused person with great vision about customer's point of view he collect using detailed customer development interviews.
Digital marketing, sales
Zoya Mishunina
I loved working with Artem, he quickly and carefully conducted examination, and found a large number of problems and conversion leaks. His work will help bring the project to a new level.
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