Hi, I'm Artem!
product guy
St. Petersburg
I have more than 9 years experience in product design. I have created complex enterprise systems and e-commerce projects. Not only from UI and UX sides but from product sides/

All my interfaces are working towards increasing KPI, which depends on the objective. The total increase in revenue of e-commerce projects is more than $ 5 000 000.
My solutions are based primarily on data analysis and best practices.
I've had a successful experience of creating and managing a group focused on user experience and interface design.
Private practice
I have worked with different clients. I've worked with them directly or as an agency contractor. Some of my clients are well known: BMW, Nestle, TapCore

Services I've provided:
1. Interaction analysis
2. Existing systems analysis and redesign
3. New system creation

Details cannot be provided due to Non-Disclosure Agreement
I loved working with Artem, he quickly and carefully conducted examination, and found a large number of problems and conversion leaks. His work will help bring the project to a new level.
Zoya Mishunina
I worked briefly with Artem, but I remember the high level of his professionalism. As a project manager at Create, he stayed tuned in all projects and he was an impossible to replace person in our work. He always decompose every task in projects and contols them on every stage of development. I have really enjoyed working with him.
Kirill Kunst
Senior Mobile Developer
Fortis develops monopoly.online Innovative platform for transportation. Platform goal is integration independent carriers into big supply chains.
Design System
My most impactful task was Leading Design System. I have pushed Design System inside company and in 2 months we create 20 Phase 1 components witch have 791 states.

Also I've created KYC flow for all business partners onboarding proccess.
SEMrush / UX Designer
All-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing professionals with
3 000 000 registred users worldwide.
Domain Analytics
I worked with domain analytics and was responsible for UX and UI during renovation process.

I've done concurrent research from UX point-of-view. Create features that increase customer product experience.
Create unified conversion strategy through all domain analytics and advertising reports.
Artem is talented and self confident professional. He can manage every aspect of product development from idea to functionality. He is able to explain and proof his ideas. It was pleasure to work with him in SEMrush.
Pavel Matveev
Product Owner at SEMrush
I was happy to work with him. He is a good professional
Slava Maiorko
Senior Marketing Manager en SEMrush
TaskData / UX Designer
TaskData create and integrate Master-Data-Management software.

I have worked with company own MDM-plaform called Unidata.
I've created this system from a scratch. Starting from low-fidelity concepts to final design.

Process of system interface splits on two parts. First is a set-up and maintenance interfaces, and second data-view interfaces.

Distinguishing feature of this project is procedure generated UI. We as a platform developers cannot fixed on defined entities, so we worked on tools and rules which generates UI based on data model.

I've worked on backlog with Product Owner, and was responsible for all UI/UX-related tasks.

Also there are less then 10 mature Master-Data Management platforms worldwide. Mostly they have a little bit outdated UI and UX. And I'm proud that have impact on such level system.

Artem is a highly skilled professional UX designer.
He is also a pleasant person to work with because of his interpersonal skills.
Ilya Bykov
Senior Java Developer TaskData
Artem has great communication, visual, personal and technical skills. It helps him to produce UX and design ideas in a brief and clear form for every person. Besides that, he is an easygoing person with a broad outlook. It's nice to work with Artem in one team.
Sergey Shishigin
Senior Software Engineer at TaskData

Denga / Head of UX
Denga – is big russian Payday Loan company with more than 250 branches.
Online Loan Service
In 2016 company planned to start expansion on online loan market. Our team creates standalone solution for this purpose.

In less than a two months I've created site, loan request form and customers portal.

These services fully meet regulation requirements. This was a little beet challenging to meet all requirement and create high-conversion workflow.
We worked together for a short period of time, but Artem established himself as a high-level professional. Able to hear the requirements of the Business, to understand, and quickly implement them into ready-made artifacts. For any task suited responsibly, thoroughly. It was nice to work together !!! I would be happy to work as a team with Artem
Olga Filatova
Head of Software Development and Implementation
NORTHYARD / Design Team Lead
Northyard works on game-changing accounting and financial services.
Clipper – is a A-Z solution for a companies providing accounting services in Russia. Service has 7 roles, more than 200 functions and can process more than 40 types of documents.

Main goals of service:
1. Speed up documents processing
2. Provide automatisation where possible
3. Reduce amount of human mistakes

I've created a concept, where all patterns and human behaviors were unified. After concept approval I've headed UX/UI Team. As a team lead I've implemented an agile design process based on Kanban. Also we have created design system based on atomic design idea. Design process and design system allowed us to work extremely fast and accurately.

In less than a half year our team created about 90 sections of system. This allows to run most of processes in our system.
This is internal financial product for group of companies.

I've created a solution that brings effectiveness of internal financial relationships to the next level.

With my Single Page Application processes and financial state became much more transparent and easy access.

Synergy between human and machine possibilities leads financial department to effectiveness and reduce amount of human mistakes.
Artem is a good leader and experienced professional who knows a lot about ui/ux, usability and business analytics, loves his work and is always ready to teach.
Elena Mochalova
UX Designer at JSC Arcadia Inc
Artem is incredible UX-designer and exceptional professional. He knows everything about UX & UI, and is willing to share his knowledge. I highly recommend him.
Konstantin Dmitriev
Product Designer
Delovie Linii / Senior UX Designer
Delovie Linii — is Russian transportation company. According to estimation of industry experts, in early 2015 a group of companies "Business Lines" occupied 20% of market share in Russia that was about half a billion USD a year.
Online order form
In 2012, I've created the main online order form, which was the first truly effective form on the market.

During this process I've analyzed delivery workflow, internal information systems and data they provided.

As a result I've crated one form where customer can order every transportation service needed. Integrated calculation show customers price as soon as possible - result conversion growth. Simple terms and explanations help new users to rapidly fast order delivery they want.

I am very proud that my solutions are still used and mostly unchanged. And the most important this form increace company revenue.

Artem was my senior mentor for a long time. During this time he proved himself as a highly qualified professional who is not just to do their job, and can accurately and clearly communicate their knowledge of the younger colleagues. High domain knowledge, good theoretical and practical skills, originality of thought and originality of the approach to solving problems - it's characterized it as a specialist high level.
Tatyana Khryashcheva
Head of product launch department at BIA
Artem is a great guy and excellent specialist. I've really enjoed work with him.
Andrey Pryalkin
Web-Developer at BIA
Thats not all projects.
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Artem Gendler
Phone: +7 999 202 50 19
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