Master-Data Management platform
Unidata platform
I was responsible for creating interaction process and interfaces for this systems. Also I was managing creation of new brand and website.
Artem Komarov (BA, UX)
Ruslan Trachuk (Product Owner)
Mikchail Mikchailov (Lead Backend)
Frontend Team
Create web-based master-data management solution.
from may 2015
Unidata - a platform for master data management. Master Data Management (Master-Data Management, MDM) - a methodology that allows you to identify business-critical data, and create a single source of correct and timely data for all business processes. MDM includes the following technological solutions - integration, work with data quality and support business processes.

I have created a user interface of all in this system is minimal prototype to solutions that are used in the work. When creating this system were defined features: procedurally generated interface that I created. Separately, I note that analogues of this system did not provide a usable, or at least understandable interface.
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