More than 10 years in the digital design. Successfully led design in more than 50 projects in enterprise, B2B and B2C areas. Working closely with stakeholders, product managers, developers created design vision for products as well as for platforms.
Areas of expertise
Product design
Design Strategy
Design Systems
UI/UX Design
Design Management
Jira / Confluence
Professional Experience
Sep 2020 – Present
Sep 2020 – Present
Senior Experience Designer
Design an internal system for one of the top 3 US pharmaceutical companies.

  • Lead design processes
  • Collaborate with stakeholders, product manager, business analysts to identify user needs and requirements and as a result design roadmap
  • Perform end-to-end design activities from research and wireframes to end design and testing activities
  • Work closely with developers about design system and its implementation in code including design specs creation and iterating with development during implementation
  • Extra mile activities: speaker at 2 internal conferences, mentoring junior/intermediate designers, conducted more than 50 designer interviews
SEP 2019 – JUL 2020
SEP 2019 – JUL 2020
Head of Web Projects
Developed and led an online experience strategy. Created and managed the web-projects department. Exceed business KPI expectations by increasing user engagement more than 4 times on the web and mobile devices

  • Led experience design, including journey mapping, persona development, information architecture
  • Collaborated with stakeholders, product manager, business analysts to identify user needs and requirements and, as a result, design roadmap
  • Established all design and development processes in an agile and transparent way
  • Created best-in-class design solutions, that deliver user and business value.
  • Reduced budget for each project at least 2 times
Oct 2018 – Aug 2019
Oct 2018 – Aug 2019
Product designer
Created B2B design system for transportation platform. Increased design process speed in 5 times and development process speed in 3 times.

  • Led design system across multiple products(both web and mobile), to bring consistency to users and performance boost to our team
  • Created design environment allows a continuous improvement process on designers side as well as on developers side, not only by using best practices but deeply adapt them to our circumstances
  • Communicated design decisions, patterns, and instructions to other members of a design team
  • Highlighted the value of the design system as well as the reasons behind design decisions clearly, in non-designer-speak, to all stakeholders including business, management, and engineering leadership
  • Collaborated with senior Engineering and Product counterparts to understand their needs and objectives and collaborate on designing solutions that address those most effectively
  • Drove the exploration and adoption of new software tools, processes, and user-centric design at all. Taught both design and development team ways to work with the design system
jul 2017 – jan 2018
jul 2017 – jan 2018
Senior UX Designer
Created a new version of one of the main services. Significantly improved core metrics such as conversion and engagement.

  • Collaborated with product owner, design team, and development team
  • Performed design activities from quantitative research up to high-fidelity prototypes with reviewing final UI
May 2015 – Dec 2016
May 2015 – Dec 2016
Senior UX Designer
Designed Master-Data-Management platform. Created more than 10 POC platform solutions.

  • Collaborated with product owner, and development team
  • Performed end-to-end design activities from qualitative and concurrent research up to final design
  • Created design that fully generated based on XSD data-model
Jul 2013 – Sep 2014
Jul 2013 – Sep 2014
Lead UX Designer
Developed design for 5 applications. Increased design process speed 2 times and development process speed 3 times.

  • Led design team and establish design processes
  • Collaborated with product owners, design team, and development teams
  • Cultivate a design culture within the company
  • Create design system
  • Mentoring and teaching junior/intermediate designers
Feb 2013 – Jul 2013
Feb 2013 – Jul 2013
Senior UX Designer
Business Lines
Created a brand new online ordering strategy. Increased conversion in double-digit per cent

  • Conducted quantitative research
  • Analyzed IT landscape to define technical possibilities and limitation
  • Created market breakthrough user experience
May 2012 – Feb 2013
May 2012 – Feb 2013
UX designer
Designed internal system supporting main process of construction documentation review.

  • Analyzed current business process and regulations to understand goals and limitations
  • Summarised and formulated target business process
  • Designed part of the syste
Apr 2010 – Jun 2013
Apr 2010 – Jun 2013
Manage whole delivery both design and development.

  • Led design and development streams
  • Established all delivery processes
  • Designed web projects
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