Order form and tracking service (Business Lines) is Russian transportation company. According to estimation of industry experts, in early 2015 a group of companies "Business Lines" occupied 20% of market share in Russia that was about half a billion USD a year.
In 2012, I've created the main online order form, which was the first truly effective form on the market.
Moreover, I've built a package-tracking service, enclosing web-communication cycle.
I am very proud that my solutions are still used and mostly unchanged.
Artem Gendler (BA, Lead UX)
Tatyana Khryashcheva (UX)
Unite deliver order forms, calculation service and make it easy to use.
3 months
Delivery as a complex process. Simplifying communication is a key to B2C market. new main order form
My task was to analyze current state of order process, if possible improve it.

First, it was a surprise that typical package delivery has more than 50 parameters. Second, there was 6 different delivery services from letter delivery to interstate semi-trailer truck transportation. Third calculation service had very strict data limitations.

In order to unify them I started from data analysis and customer analysis.

It was a bit tricky but I found intersections between all order forms and calculations. Therefore, we get the ability to create step-by-step order form with built-in calculations. So I create sketches and flow. Below you can see first simple order form optimization.

This is simple form optimization. But here we have completed following goals:
1. Force users to fill out a form in a order we needed.
2. Help users with package volume (a lot of users had problems with this field)
3. Other small improvements
Interaction with optimised form.

This shows continious enabling of form.
Map of clicks with a time offset.

This shows that the users have successfully followed the required procedure of filling forms.
At this step, I began working with Tatiana and we go to the next step. After defining data and possible solutions, we started negotiation with other departments and integration process. After all, we have clear structure and design for the most important form on site.
+ ## % conversion *
Easy to use and fast to order. Integrated calculation show customers price as soon as possible. Best recipe for order form.
* - exact numbers cannot be disclosed
- ## % churn rate *
Simple term and explanations help new users to rapidly fast order delivery they want.
* - exact numbers cannot be disclosed
Check Online Order
Delivery tracking service
About a half of communications with customers were related to delivery progress.
Artem Komarov (BA, UX)
Almost a half of communication related to delivery state. We have to reduce load on call-center.
1 month
After main delivery order form, tracking service was simple but very important step on the road of great customer experience.
- ## % calls*
Most of people want get information fast so they prefer our web service rather than call.
* - exact numbers cannot be disclosed
- ## % delivery errors*
Sometimes receiver have to get special documents to get the package. In our servivice we remind them to take it.
* - exact numbers cannot be disclosed
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